When you train at DBMA Memphis, you’ll learn the system of many styles that is Dog Brothers Martial Arts.

Each class incorporates cardiovascular anaerobic training, yoga, coordination drills, and combat tested weapon and empty hand techniques in a wide array of scenarios and positions.

A System of Many Styles

  1. The core of the DBMA curriculum is the Filipino Martial Arts (FMA). The three principle systems upon which we draw are Inosanto Blend Kali/Silat (Guro Dan Inosanto), Pekiti Tirsia (Grand Tuhon Leo Gaje), and Lameco Eskrima (the late Punong Guro Edgar Sulite)  This includes work with staff skills as well as short impact weapons.
  2. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: BJJ plays an important role, both for our Kali Tudo™ (unarmed) system and for Stickgrappling (armed), which will be discussed next.
  3. Stickgrappling: is the DBMA blend of BJJ and FMA, as well as some of stick subsystem of Bando Python from Dr. M. Gyi, Grandmaster of the Bando system. Even with a stick, grappling can happen and in this range the presence of  weapons changes things in important ways. A good stickgrappler has good stick skills, good grappling, and good stickgrappling and can keep track of all three simultaneously.
  4. Krabi Krabong: is the weaponry and empty hand art from which Muay Thai Kickboxing descends.
  5. Kali Tudo™: the DBMA empty handed  sub-system that aims to search for the totality of the elements of ritual (MMA) and reality (Street): striking,(Kali-panuntukan, Jun Fan Gung Fu (JFGF), Krabi Krabong) trapping, (Kali, JFGF) throwing (Silat and others), grappling (principally BJJ, with some other things), and striking during grappling (Kali, Silat, JFGF).
  6. Die Less Often: The Interface of the Gun, Knife, and Empty Hand: Die Less Often, or DLO, is the reality based component to our training that deals with pre-attack cues, legal issues related to self defense, levels of engagement, preemptive and reactive self-defense strategies, and smoothly transitioning from one weapon and range to another in the adrenal state.For more information on specifics, please visit www.dogbrothers.com


The Dog Brothers Martial Arts curriculum is a system of many styles where the ultimate goal is to “walk as a warrior for all your days™.” This means that the greater mission is to have real skills throughout the entirety of one’s life – not just when one is young and competitive. This calls for an open mind. Considerable thought and experience has gone into the development of this curriculum, and as is the case with all things taught in DBMA:  “If you see it taught, you see it fought.™”

Consistency Across Categories

The Filipino Martial Arts are unique in that they typical focus on weapons first, and allow the learning that takes place there to inform a practitioner’s empty hand movements and skills.  As such, you can expect the movements learned with weapons to be consistent, regardless of the weapon’s length or type.  For example, staff movements translate into double and single stick movements. From there the learned skills are taken to the knife, short impact weapon(s), and finally to the empty hand.

Fun, Fit, and Functional

As previously stated, we look to share the long term training goal:  “walk as a warrior for all your days™” with you.  For the long term, it of the utmost importance that your training is fun to practice, keeps you physically fit, and is functional in real world situations.

Hurting, Healing, and Harmonizing

In addition to combative tools, tactics, and techniques, DBMA also incorporates a healing component to training.  We include stick massage and ritual fight preparation as taught by Dr. Maung Gyi of the Bando system, alignment work and joint mobility exercises, and yoga.